26 Jun 2018
Patents Justia - Marvin Edeas

Patents Justia - Marvin Edeas

Company's story

Chair of the International Society (ISANH) and the French Society of Antioxidants (SFA) and Founder of the World Mitochondria Society (WMS)

ISANH, Marvin edeas and the SFA aim to transfer basic research to real applications whether clinical or pharmaceutical. Scientific studies on mitochondria, oxidative stress, microbiota, inflammation, differentiation, cell signalling, Nrf2 transcription factors stimulation and their significance in various pathologies are the major focus of his work. The relationship between microbiota and mitochondria is his primary focus. Through the SFA, Marvin Edeas promotes exchanges and cooperation between biologists, researchers, industrialists, doctors and public health actors, etc.

Two Nrf-2 modulators separated from proteins and peptides, which can trigger the antioxidant defence system, were determined by Marvin Edeas. Cosmetology, dietetics and medicine could all reap benefits from Oyster hydrolyzate. Genuine uses have been discovered for the developments made by him. In Europe and the US, Marvin Edeas has filed patents.

As former Chair and one of the founders of the Mitochondria Society, Marvin Edeas co-edits the society's publication and is the Chair of its twelve-monthly congress. His yearly congress, Paris Redox, is logically managed by the Chair of the International Society of Antioxidants (ISANH). A variety of organisations call upon the expertise Marvin Edeas possesses.

Marvin Edeas - Important Research on HIV

In the year 1997, Marvin Edeas defined the factors which cause blastogenic plasma in Type 1 cases of HIV. Back when the very first clinical study which looked into the impact of antiretroviral therapy on hyperlactatemia and lactic acidosis took place, he took part. The six years he had at Antoine Béclère Hospital helped him to explore the latency mechanisms of HIV in HIV positive patients, along with the activation factors. At the Paris Descartes University, Marvin Edeas underscored the role of oxidative stress and co-infections in patients with HIV.

Works and Publications - Marvin Edeas

Marvin Edeas has written several publications and books. Marvin Edeas' research is frequently written about by the specialised press. He has additionally printed books aimed at the general public, for example, “The Health Secrets of Tea” in 2005.

At the Paris-Descartes University, Marvin Edeas pursued a program on infectious diseases. He concentrated on gastrointestinal diseases in Pitié Salpêtrière’s Internal Medicine Department. He obtained his doctorate on HIV infections in symptomless patients in 1998 from Antoine Béclère Hospital. During the early part of the 1990's, Marvin Edeas was hired by Armand Trousseau Hospital in the Pulmonary Diseases Department.