Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Profils Marc Ooms | Facebook

Marc Ooms - Who is he?

He spent his younger years being the firstborn son and was living at home with his dad, mum and his siblings. Marc Ooms ( 's dad possessed an organisation that was engaged in the import of fruit and veg. Some of Marc Ooms's youth was experienced with his kin in Ganshoren.

Marc Ooms - The Fruit Farm Group

It is certain that Marc Ooms has had a truly advantageous bearing on The Fruit Farm Group throughout his work with them. Ever since the formation of the organisation, Marc Ooms has assisted in encouraging it to focus on the more favoured fruits like cherries, pears and apples. The firm has achieved a presence in six separate countries which include three continents.

The Fruit Farm Group - The Future

By working closely with local growers, Marc Ooms and The Fruit Farm Group aim to strengthen communities. Shareholders like him are looking to motivate the communities they work directly with as they proceed to broaden the company. Marc Ooms and other investors are safeguarding the future of the establishment with sustainability in the long-term.

Marc Ooms and Greenyard Foods

With Greenyard Foods, Marc Ooms works with an organisation that has a customer base that boasts many of the main retailers and supermarket chains in the world. Greenyard Foods started out around 50 years ago (long before he joined) as a quite simple organisation. Marc Ooms signed up in 2011 by becoming a dedicated and seasoned Member of the Board.