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Marc Ooms |

Marc Ooms - Early Career

Observing an organisation in complete operation from a really early age may well have prompted Marc Ooms (Page de Marc Ooms en visitant 's future. In the end, he made General Partner with a firm which was among the chief independent brokers in the whole of Belgium at the time. At one point during the course of his professional life, he acquired a managerial position with a respected investment company. Marc Ooms ended up being heavily active with one of Belgium's most highly-respected private banking organisations until his retirement in the year 2011.

Marc Ooms, among other individuals, originally developed the Fruit Farm Group back in the year 2014. Ever since the creation of the business, he has assisted in encouraging it to specialise in the most desirable fruits including bananas, apples, pears and cherries. It is sure to declare that he has had an exceptionally beneficial bearing on The Fruit Farm Group during his time with them. The Fruit Farm Company and Marc Ooms, make an effort to work with local cultivators and producers to provide the exceptional quality of the goods they supply to worldwide customers and clients.

The Bright Future of The Fruit Farm group

Shareholders just like Marc Ooms are attempting to reinforce the neighbourhoods they work intimately with as they continue to better the establishment. Long-term sustainability and social commitment are most vital to the establishment's plans. It would seem that Marc Ooms holds a rather fulfilling, vibrant and active future with The Fruit Farm Group. Just like most thriving establishments, The Fruit Farm Group has various bold and exciting ideas.

Lately, he's a warm, supportive and proud dad to three daughters and has several grandchildren. In November of 1951, Marc Ooms was born in a destination known as Etterbeek, a town in Belgium. In Ganshoren, Brussels, his mum held a valued role at the Family and Social Affairs department. Nearly all of Marc Ooms's young life was enjoyed with his family in Ganshoren, Brussels.

Marc Ooms closely tracks the modern art market to stay educated with regards to the newest art. From the year 2003 to 2011, he was the Chairman of the board of directors of the Kaaitheater arts center in Brussels. He deeply adores both the visual and the performing arts. Marc Ooms enjoys, observes and values a lot of distinctive kinds of art for a hobby.

Marc Ooms's Educational Background

He finished his degree in Business Administration which helped to prepare him for a thriving and long career. Between 1970 and 1974, Marc Ooms studied for his BSc with the VLEKHO Business School. Marc Ooms acquired a deeper look into the realm of business by studying for his BSc. The name 'Heilig-Hartcollege' (that translates to 'Sacred Heart College'), was determined by a recognised Christian church that stands nearby, the Basilica of the Sacred Heart.